Our Fees

At Westside Orthodontics, our fees align closely with the national average. This is because we believe in affordable, high quality orthodontic treatment for everyone.

*please see terms and conditions

Free initial consultation

Your initial consultation will be free*. At this appointment our orthodontist will give you an idea of what is needed and an estimate of the cost of your treatment. After a specific diagnosis and plan is made, we will then give you a written fee quote.

How much do braces cost?

Every treatment plan is different. For this reason, it can be tricky to provide an estimate of the cost of your braces without an initial consultation. Fees vary depending on the severity of the case, the method of treatment, and the anticipated treatment duration.

However, our standard braces fee is only $6500*. For those patients who are eligible for express braces, the fee is significantly lower.

If minor treatment (such as a space maintainer, plate or an expander) is needed on the other hand, fees vary from $350 to $1900*.

What does the fee include?

Our quote is all-inclusive with no hidden extras: it covers your braces, all your orthodontic visits, breakages, and even retainers after treatment and their supervision and maintenance for up to 12 months!

Methods of payment

For your convenience, we accept bank transfers, direct debit, cash, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard and cheque. We also have HICAPS facilities to process health fund rebates instantly in the clinic.

Payment plans

At Westside Orthodontics, we understand that payment plans are important. Therefore, we offer tailored payment plans for all our patients so you can comfortably spread out your treatment fee over the duration treatment.

After an initial deposit is paid, the remaining balance is fixed up in regular instalments over the next 18-30 months. This usually equates to $60 a week or $250 a month.

Health funds

Private health funds can cover a portion of the fee. The rebate usually depends on your level of cover and the health fund you’re with. As all health funds are different, we recommend checking with your health fund prior to beginning treatment.

Health funds pay in different ways. For this reason we offer our patients different payment options including: 1) an upfront payment; 2) thirds; 3) and a payment plan -which is the most popular choice. We are happy to help and accommodate you wherever we can!

Child Safety

We have numerous patients who are funded by child safety. After a proper diagnosis and treatment plan are made, Dr. Devan will write a letter to child  safety outlining the need for braces. After approval, treatment at Westside Orthodontics will be covered by the department.