Orthodontics for Teens

Getting braces as a teenager is the norm, and at Westside we’ll make it as easy as possible for them.

teen-orthodontics-editThe best time to fit braces is during adolescence, or between the ages of 12-15. This is when all the adult teeth have erupted and patients are ready for comprehensive treatment. Orthodontics for Teenagers can be quick and straight forward, usually lasting between one and two years.

Dr. Devan believes firmly in starting when a patient is both physically ready (all the adult teeth have emerged and they are going through a growth spurt) and mentally ready (one is keen for braces and understands its benefits and the responsibility involved in looking after them). Therefore he selects his patients very carefully and only starts at the perfect time -usually in during your teenage years. When you’re young your teeth also move a lot quicker so there are numerous benefits!

You’ll be sure to love the results. A beautiful smile will give you the confidence to embrace life (…and the formal!) to its fullest!

At Westside Orthodontics we understand that braces may be an added pressure to a teenager’s life. Therefore, we endeavour to make the process as pleasant and comfortable as possible. To us, it’s all about creating a fun environment and developing friendships with our patients. Orthodontics for Teenagers should be a memorable experience and a highlight during your school years!

We also know that high school is important, so for your convenience we offer Saturday and after hours appointments (before school starting at 7.30am, and after school finishing at 5pm).


Some benefits of teen treatment:

  • Improved confidence
  • An attractive smile
  • Better cleansibility of the teeth
  • Better chewing function
  • A better bite and longer lasting teeth
  • Protection from uneven tooth wear and injuries

Braces don’t have to be uncool! We also have a range of cosmetic options for our teenage patients from Invisalign® Teen through to ceramic (clear) braces. However, if you are adventurous, be sure to choose our glow in the dark range of colours!

For more information, call Westside Orthodontics to book a consultation today.