Today’s blog is for all our lovely patients with braces on whom at some stage may experience a bracket breakage!

Brackets are small metal squares that are glued onto the teeth.

Occasionally (due to the high forces exerted by the jaws during eating and sometimes grinding at night) the glue may give way and a bracket may pop off!

If this happens please give us a call ASAP to organize an ’emergency appointment’. This is important because in order to fix it our staff need to setup special equipment and it takes a bit longer than normal to fix up a breakage. Furthermore, you want to address it as soon as possible, because the longer a bracket stays off the longer the braces aren’t working on that tooth which adds to treatment time.

If you can’t get in for a while however (because you’re on holidays), don’t worry, just see us as soon as you get back. A broken bracket can be easily managed by placing some orthodontic wax over it to prevent irritation.